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Community Engagement and Administration Officer (NFP Indigenous Consulting Charity) Remote Working

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Tasks and duties

  • Creating interest in goods and services and seeking a sale or agreement to a sales appointment.
  • Working from scripts and lists of contacts to promote goods and services by telephone.
  • Arranging processing and despatch of product samples, information kits and brochures to customers.
  • Recording notes for follow-up action and updating marketing databases to reflect changes to the status of each customer.
  • Reporting issues raised by contacts to managers.
  • Maintaining statistics of calls made and successes achieved.
  • Submitting periodic reports on telemarketing activities and results.
  • Receiving calls and providing information and basic customer support.

Appointment Setters may follow a script with the objective of arranging appointments for company sales representatives, obtaining sales or otherwise creating interest in the products or services on offer. They also process and arrange the dispatch of sales materials such as product samples, information kits or brochures.

Appointment Setters may be required to determine the strength of a lead, and to create periodic reports on their activities and results. They may work with printed documents or work with computers using a spreadsheet or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to document calls made and successes, update the database with new information such as updates to customer status or make notes requiring a follow-up action.