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Digital Literacy Centre Manager

Digital Inclusions Northern Australia
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#Key Roles and Responsibilities:

Training- As a volunteer you will review, update or create training manuals and contents to be fit-for-purpose with the Digital Literacy Centre based on training needs and requirements by meeting with the board and management team. They will oversee the Digital Mentor training program including sessions, progression, and learning opportunities.
Sustainability- As a volunteer you will work closely with the other teams in the organisation (accounting, IT, marketing and sales...) to define training schedules, KPI's, budgets, grant applications, and ensure the Centre sustainability and success.

Relationships - You will keep current on the activities and needs of the community services industry by attending regular meetings, conferences, and seminars. You will support the marketing and sales team in meetings, presentations and introductions to the Digital Literacy Centre to foster relationships within other organisation in the industry.
Other Desirable Requirements: *Proficient with Office 365 Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Team, ToDo) *Ability to work as part of a collaborative team remotely *Creative problem solver and highly adaptable to client needs
*Monitoring/evaluating the services their business provides, ensuring they are up to standard *Innovative mindset; able to come up with creative solutions and implement new ideas *Excellent interpersonal skills and a good understanding of customer service *Able to train and supervise staff *Good with delegating and coordinating tasks among workers. *Willingness to have or have had Flu vaccine.