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Logo for Cowboys Community Foundation/ NRL Cowboys House

The NRL Cowboys House is a boarding facility for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are from rural and remote locations where access to high school education is unavailable. The students go to a variety of schools across Townsville and an after-school study program is run daily with the assistance of volunteer tutors. The role of the tutor is to assist the students who reside at the NRL Cowboys House with their assessment, homework, and study. The tutors are always supervised by a room leader, although they may work in small groups with the students at various locations around the House.

There is flexibility in the amount of days of participation and in the number of hours of participation for volunteers to attend tutoring. Tutoring times are scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons from 4pm to 5pm for junior students and from 5pm to 7pm for senior students. On Wednesday afternoons, tutoring is for senior students only from 4pm to 6:30pm.

Tutors are required to sign a confidentiality clause upon commencement of volunteering and a valid Volunteer Working with Children Check (Blue Card) is required prior to commencement.