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Australian National Choral Association (ANCA)

The Australian National Choral Association (ANCA) Incorporated was established in 1990 from the merger of two associations, the Australian Choral Association (ACA) and the Australian Choral Conductors Association (ACCA). The formation of ANCA took place at the ACCA National Conference in July 1989 and was seen as a bench mark for development in quality and quantity of choral directors, choirs and choral literature. Over 65 different people filling 150+ positions over a period of over 20 years of ANCA’s existence provides some very strong and broad shoulders for the current national council to stand on. The objectives of the association over the years have remained the same; to stimulate interest and participation in choral music and related activities, linking choral musicians throughout the country and nurturing growth of all choral activities. The new national council looks forward to continuing the good work of previous councils by supporting, developing and creating choral music throughout Australia.